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The first century church we read about in the New Testament had a structure of independent local congregations led by men in the capacity of elders. The qualifications for these leadership roles can be found in 1 Timothy chapter 3 and Titus chapter 1.

The bible teaches that a local group of elders have the sole authority to lead and make decisions for local congregations such as ours. We believe that local congregations are autonomous and we do not recognize any earthly religious authority higher than the local eldership for an individual congregation. At this time, we have four men serving as elders in our congregation.

Jim Welch
Kenney Gulley
Mike Donaldson
Eddie Ingram
Doug Trent
Jerry Carmichael


In the first century church, we also read about a group in the structure of independent local congregations in the New Testament that assisted the elders and that group was known as deacons. The qualifications for deacon's leadership roles can be found in Titus chapter 1. 

Deacons work under the authority of the elders, to facilitate and lead specific ministries or works of the congregation. We have several men that have accepted roles as deacons in our congregation. They each have specific responsibilities of service. 

Our Deacons
Jim Brown
Tom Caudill
Doug Frazier
Kevin McGuire
Steve Tapp
Wayne Thacker
Jamie Compton
Keenan Muncie
Mitch Willoughby
Ronnie Cooper
Alan Newkirk
Mike Wills
Joe Donaldson
Paul Robinson
Tommy Wills


We have two men currently serving the congregation as pulpit ministers, Danny Murphy and Jerry Carmichael.  These men proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on a rotating basis both in sermons as well as in Bible classes.

Our Ministers
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